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LW is a frequency range outside of what most people tune into. The far end of the spectrum. It provides the most essential signals we need; emergency broadcasts, vital communications, marking the passage of time.

Longwave Club are a band from London, brought together by a shared interest in experimenting with the formula for the classic three minute pop song. Longwave Club write songs that you will want to sing along to against a musical back drop that fuses rock, electronica, psychedelica, folk, dance, country and pop together. Move to a different beat. Tune in to the right frequency.

Nov 16   Astral Weeks

The Longwave Club E.P has been available to buy and stream for a little while now and we're delighted with all the lovely things you've had to say about the EP. If you haven't heard it yet, check it out via iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and other digital platforms.


We're playing 93 Feet East in Brick Lane, London, on Friday 27 November. Contact the band if you want to get hold of a ticket at a discounted price. Alternatively, if you have little regard for money, you can buy a ticket via Ticketmaster or Ticketweb. We promise to play a few new songs as well as play all the songs of the new EP. Yes, we know we spoil you. 


Here's a lyric video for Bulgaria, which the lovely Grace directed and edited for us. 



27 Nov

93 Feet East, Trumans Brewery, 150 Brick Lane, London E1 6QN

£6.95 via Ticketweb and Ticketmaster

Oct 30   Hunky Dory

The Longwave Club E.P is now available to buy and stream. The tracklist consists of 1) Closer, 2) Bulgaria and 3) Slipstream. It is available to buy from a number of retailers including:




The E.P is also available to stream on Spotify -


Here's a lyric video for Closer. We hope you enjoy our new music.

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