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I can feel it coursing through my veins

Burns like fire, it bleeds with rage

When its cut, we hurt as one

Hear the whisper become a scream

See the teardrop become a sea

That will wash, all these cities clean


The heart of darkness has found its beat


You call for mercy when you’re on your knees

The will is stronger, but the flesh is weak

When it’s lost, you will believe


The heart of darkness has found its beat

Numbed into silence, the fear the shame and then the tears start


Through different shades of grey and colour, we’ve always known we’ll end up here on the better side


Is this a real example of what we talked of?

Beautiful but we got along with a fake smile 

The radar’s off now

The heart of darkness has found its beat

Last Dawn

When the last dawn breaks, what will you hope for?

As the waters rise and swell, the bough will break

The storm will rage for a thousand days of thunder

The sun wont rise as we watch our cities burn


Afraid, it’s always changing

As I can’t live to, hold onto nothing


When I see you fall with nothing to hold on for

Eclipse the eye, for the light has gone

And I know you’re strong, for our day is done

To live and fight for, all that’s good and right


When the sirens wail, will you taste the danger?

For the chaos reigns, as sparks they turn to flame

In this gilded cage you’ll never know the summer

At the end of days the hunter becomes the prey


When I see you fall with nothing to hold on for

Eclipse the eye, for the light has gone

I hear the sound it makes for all that we build will break

The cell decays, a design to feel the pain 


Bay of Pigs

Cracked and broken the glory fades

Her empire starts to fall

Decayed and stale in this neon grave

Her ghost will echo the call


The seven miles of splendour

Will pale against the breakers


Her time would come in the summer

The glam, the thrill and the fame

Now serving time in the winter rain

And I won your hummingbird


The church was built and the pilgrims came

To pray for the pennies to fall

They made for the skies as the well ran dry

The waves then claimed back her throne


She waits there

But nothing lasts forever

It slipped right through her hands

Kingdoms built of stone, castles made of sand


She's laid bare

Summoned by another

She's takes me by the hand

To kingdoms built of stone, castles made of sand


Your hold will fail

So ring out the changes

I keep the gun sight set straight always at your heart


Sharpen the razor

Guided by lasers

I set a course to crash and burn us into the sun


For you I'd count to ten

and you’d better run


You gotta move it faster now

To get this baby off the ground

No slight of hand or game of chance

We passed the point of no return


My aim is true in all I do

I'll take you higher, I'll build it stronger for you now


I tipped the reaper

Told him to keep her

I walked in line in step to the beat of the drum


It overtakes me

You'll never break free

as I hold the keys to the locks to the doors of your house

Until the last man's standing
The wheels will keep turning
The machine will keep us held in its thrall

You slayed the lives of others
Killed your sisters and your brothers
Built a palace from their teeth and their bones

All you have is now - for their day will come
Take your bow - and see how they run

In the desert sands
Stands a broken man
All alone he plans one last stand

All your windows needed locking
For when the piggies come a knocking
They're gonna blow this wolf to kingdom come

Watch the cities turn to rubble
Pins are poised to burst your bubble
Your name was written in the blood and the dirt

You're in too deep and you can't get out
Get off your knees, it's in motion now

It leaves a bittersweet taste but its how I feel
The rise was worth the fall my friend
I surrender to your hope all my apathy
I will stay with you until the end

Cut the bonds and set them running
Build the pyres and leave them burning
Breach the walls and the city will fall

Ask no question hear no answer
When the monster meet it's maker
He will say he did it all for love 


In the bright white glare of its light

Her flames will dance for you

You felt alive to the needle's spike

But there's a payment due


Oh you laid it on the line

You gave it all this time


So feel the warmth of the setting sun

For the nights are cold and long

Raise a glass for the wasted youth

The lost and the fallen ones


Low your voice upon the wire

Call there's no one on the line


Deceive yourself that there's nothing else

Then there's nowhere left to run

Become a slave to the rush and the burn

See what you've become


I flow through your slipstream

Move to the same beat

Lead me through the wake of your flight

All the colours of your dreams

Swirl at the same speed

Tell me all your truth and your lies


We leave at its first light

We dance for the love of this life


So you want to be free

Said you wanted to rescue me

Give me something that's worth living for

I can tell by the look in your eyes that it's over

A new dawn rises

Closer, its just the end of the line


It's broken, we knew all the signs

It's spoken, in whispers and cries

Take all you can carry and leave the rest behind


When you're standing at the edge you may find

The fall will always follow the climb

What is lost can never be found


Always been told that at the end of the road she will wait for me

It draws behind until there's nowhere to hide, it will come to be

Need to change the course I've made

Down a one way road now it's too late

A cold embrace, a kiss that suffocates that will set you free


I can't live for the hope that you'll find

A reason to stay or divide

Colder, the distance grows with time

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