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Longwave is a frequency range outside of what most people tune into. The far end of the spectrum. It provides the most essential signals we need; emergency broadcasts, vital communications, marking the passage of time.

Longwave Club are Michael Bradley (vocals), Marc Gibbs (guitar, keys and backing vocals), Andrew Magee (drums, keys and backing vocals) and Firoze Salim (bass, keys and backing vocals). Based in London, the band were brought together by a shared interest in experimenting with the formula for the classic three minute pop song. Hook-laden melodies against a musical backdrop that fuses rock, electronica, psychedelica, folk, dance, country and pop together.

Version 1.0 of the Club explores cycles of creation and decay. Empires fall. Relationships crumble. All things that start must one day end.

Analogue keys and soaring guitars. Pulsing rhythms and timeless melodies. Tune in to the right frequency.

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