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Ahoy. Apologies for the radio silence but we've been busy with all kinds of stuff. So what have we been doing you may ask. Well, we played a gig at the Sebright Arms back in July and it was good fun. We're all set to release our first EP on 16 October, which will be available on itunes, spotify and all kinds of digital outlets. We will be launching the release at a gig at Surya on Pentonville Road on the same day. We plan to play a couple of new songs in the set. Let us know if you want a ticket (we have a number available at a discounted price of £6).  


The band have been writing lots of new songs. We're finishing a couple of demos and will make them available to stream as soon as they are ready. The rest should be ready to debut at gigs over the coming months. We have Instagram (search for longwave_club) and Youtube (search for longwave club) accounts now and we've got pictures and stuff up there if you're that way inclined. Tell your friends about us and help spread the word.




Hey. A quick update from LWC. In between binging on Netflix, listening to lots of music and other fun stuff, we've been writing lots of songs. The new batch of songs are hook laden and damn catchy. We think you'll approve and plan to get some home demos up for you to listen to. We're also getting ready to release our first proper single (most probably July) and will let you have more details as soon as they are finalised.   


You may have noticed that we have a fancy new band logo and the website has been polished up a bit. We've also got some new photos of the band courtesy of our good friend Mike Strotz, who patiently and expertly snapped away whilst we all tried hard not to look uncomfortable or too grumpy.


Anyway, that's all for now as another episode of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia beckons on Netflix...  



Hi, it's the good folk from the LWC here. We trust life is good for all you wonderful people. If you're reading this we presume you may be wondering what the hell we are up to. Well, the key news to report is that we've just finished recording a couple of songs. Those that have come to see us play will know Bulgaria. It's a driving hook-laden song, which is a firm favourite of the band. The other song is a new track called Closer. It's a riff based song with a big catchy chorus. Both songs mark a departure from our previous synth heavy songs, into something with a bit more guitars and groove. We're proud of both songs and can't wait for you to hear them.  


We've been writing lots of new songs and expect to debut many of them when we return to gigging. We've had to turn down quite a few gigs, but now the songs are recorded we can't wait to get out and play for you. We'll let you know as soon as we confirm some dates/venues. 




Howdy. We trust you are well and pacing your consumption of mince pies and egg nog (remember its a marathon and not a sprint). Life is good here in longwave land. We received lots of great feedback on the two new recordings, which makes us feel that all the hard work is worth it. If you haven't listened to them, just click the Soundcloud play button on this page and soak up the sweet sounds.


The Emerging Indie Bands website published a nice article about us. You can read it at We're big fans of Tim and his excellent website and we'd recommend following it if you are interested in good new indie music. 


We've got lots of exciting things bubbling away but can't really reveal anything at this point in time. 2015 could be a special year and we hope you'll join us for the ride. 


We'll take this opportunity to wish you a great Christmas and thank you for your support and interest in our music. Now where did I leave that glass of egg nog?



It's here people - the new double A-side single is available to stream and download. The two songs are Slipstream and Skyscrapers, and they were engineered by Sam Houselander, a production wizard. We think you'll love them and if you do, please tell your friends and spread the word. We'll also be promoting the songs via the usual social media channels.


The Borderline gig was a great night. We premiered a new song called Forever on the Run, which wen t down extremely well with the crowd. The set continues to get stronger with every gig. If you haven't come to see us play yet, try and come along to the next one. We're currently planning to play in late November/early December. 


Check out the new blog article and have a listen to the new songs.

September 6   A NOD'S AS GOOD AS A WINK


Ok, it has been a while since the last update and we feel bad. There should be a burst of activity soon and we'll obviously keep you informed through the website as well as facebook and twitter.


We went to the studio last night and worked on mixing the two new tracks with Sam, our sound guru. They're sounding pretty awesome and should be available to listen to very soon.


The Scala gig back in August was great fun and probably our favourite gig so far. We really enjoyed playing to such an amazing audience. If you have any photos of the gig please send it through to us and we'll add it to the gallery. We've playing the Borderline on 24 October and hope to introduce a new song or two into the set. More details to follow shortly.

July 26   WHAT'S GOING ON?


Ok, it's time for an update. What have we been up to I hear you ask? Quite a lot actually, you cheeky little blighter. We spent last Saturday in a studio on Hackney Road recording two songs. We've got a bit more work to do to finish the tracks, but they are shaping up well and should be ready for you good people very soon. We're excited and think you're going to love the songs. Check out the gallery if you want to see photos of us in the studio. We've also been writing lots of new songs and improving arrangements for songs already in the setlist. We've posted a new blog article and have more in the pipeline to be published over the coming days.


Our next gig will be the More Music than Mud Festival at the Scala in London on 9 August. Tickets are selling fast for what should be an amazing night out. Contact us if you want a ticket. 


Longwave Club rocked the Libertines reunion party on 2 June. Big thanks to all you good people who came out and supported us. Our next gig will be the More Music than Mud Festival at the Scala in London in August. It will be a great night out at an iconic venue. You'll want tickets - so contact us. 

So what are LWC going to do in the meantime you may ask yourselves. We plan to go into the studio in July to record one or two songs. The songs we have featured on this site have all been recorded lo-fi on ipads. Though we love the lo-fi ethos, we want to try and produce something a little more polished and the songs we plan to record lend themselves to the approach. We'll let you know when its ready.


We also plan to produce a promotional video for the song when its ready. We've got some exciting ideas and we think you'll like them. 


We played the Fiddler's Elbow last night. The band enjoyed playing the set as we were ably assisted by a rather wonderful sound man who did a great job getting the best sound mix out to us and the audience. As it was a Sunday evening, Marc treated himself to an extra long guitar solo during Bulgaria. The band enjoyed the other bands on the bill, but particularly enjoyed Pet Plants who have a number of lovely songs in their set and are well worth a listen. We'd also like to thank Grace, who has been to every one of our gigs. A special LWC t-shirt will be winding its way to Grace to show our appreciation of her support. 

Don't forget we're playing this Saturday at the Amersham Arms. It should be brilliant. Come down and boogie with us. Send an email via the contact page if you want your name added to the door list so that you can get in for a discounted price of £6. We plan to take a brief break from playing gigs so that we can concentrate on recording some more demos. So please do come along as it may be a few months before you get the chance to see us play again. Stay tuned as lots of exciting stuff is happening with the club.



We're playing the Fiddler's Elbow tomorrow night. We're on at 9:40pm. Other bands playing are Shotgun, Pet Plants, Cavalier and Jack Hammer. If you come along, please stay and have a listen to the other bands and give them some support as well. 


A number of people have asked for the lyrics of our songs and in response we've added a lyrics section to this site. The first batch has been added and more will follow. The lyrics are important to us. Music like any form of communication, is a way of connecting with people and there's no value in it unless you have something to say. Have a read. It may make you appreciate the songs a little more.


Hope to see as many of you as possible at the gig tomorrow.

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