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Greatest guitar solos - #1 - Moonage Daydream by David Bowie

They make grown men cry, young boys pose with tennis rackets and pimpled teenagers spend hours in dark bedrooms. We are referring of course to the phenomenon of the guitar solo. Love them or hate them there is no denying a great solo can lift a song to another level. There is no magical formula for the perfect guitar solo although the solo in Glory hole by Steel Panther comes mighty close. With that thought in mind, here is the first in LWC's top five favourite guitar solos of all time.

MOONAGE DAYDREAM by David Bowie - Guitarist Mick Ronson

Yes, we all love early seventies Bowie but scratch beneath the surface and you quickly realise how much the Spiders powered those wonderful songs. The Hull trio of Woody Woodmansey (Drums), Trevor Bolder (Bass) and Mick Ronson transformed Bowie's acoustic songs into classics. Mick Ronson was a hugely talented musician - he also played violin and piano and was also a great arranger (just listen to the arrangement on Life on Mars). The solo in Moonage Daydream is astounding. Every bend, slide and grace note is perfectly placed and his vibrato technique is something all guitar players should aspire to. Mick never wasted a note and Moonage Daydream is a perfect example of how good a guitar can sound in the right hands. Makes you want to buy a Les Paul and pose in front of the mirror in your mum’s blouse - oops may have said too much.

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