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Greatest guitar solos - #2 - The Wagon by Dinosaur Jr (J Mascis)

Melodic, noisy, energetic and full of attitude. That's what you get from a J Mascis solo. When he steps on the Big Muff (its a guitar pedal and not a private part) you know you’re in for something special and the solo from the Wagon doesn’t disappoint. The Wagon by Dinosaur Jr was released in 1990 and appears on their album Green Mind. The original band members included Lou Barlow (Bass and songwriting genius of Sebadoh and Folk Implosion fame) and Murph (Drums) but its the Jazzmaster skills of J Mascis that grabbed our imagination. The early 90s was a lean period for wannabe guitar gods. The grunge scene was in full swing and the humble guitar solo was in danger of extinction. Enter Mr J Mascis with his unkempt hair, heavy footwear and heavier guitar playing. He made the guitar solo cool once more. On behalf of all indie/alternative guitarists, we salute you Mr Mascis for making it safe to use the dusty end of the fret board.

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